Micro Data Centers

data centerMicro data centers are small containerized data center systems which have been advanced to handle more workload at a lesser cost and a high speed in comparison with the traditional data systems. The modular have been advanced with years to wipe off the stress with the clogging of traditional data systems and slow running. In addition, they have been modified to lower the cost used in internet connections and increase profits through strong networks and better performance. Micro modular are perfect because they are mobile and stable in relation to different environmental conditions. In addition, they work even in the areas with intensive remote environmental conditions. Recently the micro modules were deployed to Haiti to increase connectivity in the region. Various technical gurus have over time created more concepts with the containerized model to improve the conditions and create better performance.

The Cloud Concept

Over time, technical gurus and experts have been worried that still over 5 billion people in the world are still not receiving data connectivity. This is because for a micro-modular data center, connectivity is within an enclosed office and it services 10 to 15 persons in the locality. Flexibility and bridging the gap between the 5 billion people and the already connected people has been suggested through the cloud concept. In the cloud concept experts are interested not only taking the network to everyone through the 10 server modular data center but also through the use of mobile devices to connecting everyone from the office to the world through the cloud. One of the Microsoft company tech gurus has tried this through the Cloudlets.


Cloud lets is a concept initiated by Victor Bahl of Microsoft Company. His intention is to advance the strategy of the micro-modular data centers through creating an ultimatum performance of mobile devices and data systems only from the cloud. In this case, the Cloudlet is a way that should ensure that from the cloud there is data connectivity without limitation of battery power, network connectivity, and mobility. Today the micro-modular data center are not as mobile as required because they require one to be in a specific locality such as the office or an institution to have better connectivity and network.

cloud serverCloudlets, in this case, is a connect concept meant to enable mobility and not to hinder movements like the modular data centers. We agree that the modular data centers are deployable through shipping, but they are not very mobile. They require to be positioned in a specific locality in or outside the building, but they are not as simple and moveable like a mobile device. Also, they have a limitation of service to like 10 – 15 people which are not properly satisfying to other people. Cloudlets are micro data centers that have been situated in different positions in the world. Through the positions, it’s just like a difference of million seconds to use the modular for everyone. Apparently with Microsoft different micro-data centers are connected to the cloud for the use by millions of people through the mega centers.