Accessories For Brewing At Home

A lot of people are in disbelief that they are capable of producing a good-tasting cappuccino at home. Most cappuccino drinkers don’t even know how a cappuccino is made ( Once people realize that it is just a combination of milk and espresso, they will realize how much they are overpaying at the coffee shop. For a mere couple of hundred dollars, you can purchase a nice espresso machine that is capable of making a shot or two of espresso and has the capabilities to froth and steam milk. With an espresso machine and a few cappuccino accessories, you can make your own great-tasting cappuccinos at home.

With your espresso machine, you should have a steam wand attachment. This is a critical cappuccino accessory because it is used to froth and steam your milk ( The wand is placed at the bottom of a metal pitcher that contains the milk to steam the milk. When ready to froth, the wand is brought to the surface of the milk and allowed to steam the surface, causing frothy milk. The steam and frothing process is critical to making a cappuccino. The froth not only tastes good but provides insulation for retaining heat in the drink. If you have these cappuccino accessories, then you are ready to make a great cup of cappuccino.


You need to make sure that you have various sizes of cups for your cappuccino and coffee drinks. For example, the espresso cup is the smallest and typically is capable of holding a double shot or 2 oz of espresso ( The traditional size is the standard 8 oz coffee mug. However, for your cappuccino, you’ll probably want a larger cup to hold all of the milk and the froth. Otherwise, you run the risk of not being able to fit the whole volume of your espresso into the mug.

A fun and exciting way to spice up your brewing is to add toppings. Popular toppings include chocolate and cinnamon. A lot of people like to add these toppings to their cappuccinos to break up the monotony of drinking the traditional cappuccino day in and day out.