Do you enjoy multiple types of drinks?

Did you know that coffee comes from cherries? Not the cherries you eat on a sundae, the kind that grows on the coffee plants. The beans are inside the cherries. Many people enjoy a wide variety of coffee drinks throughout the day. It is common for someone to make these drinks at home as well as at work with one of the many multiple brewing systems out there. What kind of coffee is used for all types of brewers? Coffee beans that you can grind yourself are the best option. Preground coffee is only made for a drip brewer. It is not made to go into a french press or a pour-over brewer.

Is a coffee grinder an important tool?

Some may say that a coffee grinder is an essential tool for multiple brewing systems. There are different grind sizes with each brewer. A manual grinder will cost you about twenty dollars and will pay for itself in the first cup. The aromas you will unlock will instantly bring a smile to your face. The grinder has many different settings that are adjustable so you can enjoy any type of coffee drink in the privacy of your own home.

What are the grind sizes per brewer?

Here are a few of the most common types of brewers out there. If you have these brewers, then this should help you with your coffee flavors. If your coffee is dull it may not be ground up enough, you should decrease the setting a notch or two. If it is sour tasting, that means that your grind setting is too small, you will need to adjust it a notch or two to make it a little more coarse.

Three glasses with different beers on a white background

– Coarse – Percolator and French Press

– Medium – Pour Over and Drip Brewers

– Fine – Espresso

Have you ever made coffee better than the coffee shop? Owning a grinder will upgrade your whole coffee experience. Save money by purchasing one type of coffee beans for all of your brewers. All because of the magic tool we call a coffee grinder and the fresh coffee beans we grind.